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Huang C, Yu J, Hause BM, Park JY, Sreenivasan C, U. Emergence of New Phylogenetic Lineage of Influenza D virus with Broad Antigenicity in California, United States. Emerg Microbes Infect. 2021 Mar 26:1-10.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 28, 2021 from Emerg Microbes Infect. 2021 Mar 26:1-10 (via https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/22221751.2021.1)
Influenza D virus (IDV), with bovines as a primary host, circulates widely in cattle populations across North America and Eurasia. Here we report the identification of a novel IDV group with broad antigenicity ...

Saegerman C, Gaudino M, Savard C, Broes A, Ariel O. Influenza D virus in respiratory disease in Canadian, province of Québec, cattle: relative importance and evidence of new reassortment between different clades. Transbound Emerg Dis. 2021 Mar 25.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 26, 2021 from Transbound Emerg Dis. 2021 Mar 25 (via https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/tbed.14085)
Background: Influenza D virus (IDV), a segmented single stranded negative sense ribonucleic acid (RNA) virus belongs to the new Delta influenza virus genus of the Orthomyxoviridae family. Cattle was proposed ...

Nyasimi FM, Owuor DC, Ngoi JM, Mwihuri AG, Otieno. Epidemiological and evolutionary dynamics of influenza B virus in coastal Kenya as revealed by genomic analysis of strains sampled over a single season. Virus Evol. 2020 Aug 16;6(2):veaa045.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 23, 2021 from Virus Evol. 2020 Aug 16;6(2):veaa045 (via https://academic.oup.com/ve/article/6/2/veaa045/5855143)
The genomic epidemiology of influenza B virus (IBV) remains understudied in Africa despite significance to design of effective local and global control strategies. We undertook surveillance throughout ...

Adlhoch C, Mook P, Lamb F, Ferland L, Melidou A, A. Very little influenza in the WHO European Region during the 2020/21 season, weeks 40 2020 to 8 2021. Euro Surveill. 2021 Mar;26(11)..  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 20, 2021 from Euro Surveill. 2021 Mar;26(11). (via https://www.eurosurveillance.org/content/10.2807/1560-7917.E)
Between weeks 40 2020 and 8 2021, the World Health Organization European Region experienced a 99.8% reduction in sentinel influenza virus positive detections (33/25,606 tested; 0.1%) relative to an average ...

Jackson ML, Ferdinands J, Nowalk MP, Zimmerman RK,. Differences between Frequentist and Bayesian inference in routine surveillance for influenza vaccine effectiveness: a test-negative case-control study. BMC Public Health. 2021 Mar 16;21(1):516.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 19, 2021 from BMC Public Health. 2021 Mar 16;21(1):516 (via https://bmcpublichealth.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s)
Background: Routine influenza vaccine effectiveness (VE) surveillance networks use frequentist methods to estimate VE. With data from more than a decade of VE surveillance from diverse global populations ...

Li Y, Wang LL, Xie LL, Hou WL, Liu XY, Yin S. The epidemiological and clinical characteristics of the hospital-acquired influenza infections: A systematic review and meta-analysi. Medicine (Baltimore). 2021 Mar 19;100(11):e25142.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 19, 2021 from Medicine (Baltimore). 2021 Mar 19;100(11):e25142 (via https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33725996/)
Background: The hospital-acquired influenza (HAI) were usually contributed to severe outcomes among the inpatients. Here, we performed a meta-analysis to summarize and quantify the epidemiological and ...

Carter-Templeton H, Templeton GF, Nicoll LH, Maxie. Associations between weather-related data and influenza reports: A pilot study and related policy implications. Appl Nurs Res. 2021 Feb 24:151413.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 17, 2021 from Appl Nurs Res. 2021 Feb 24:151413 (via https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S089718972)
Aim: The purpose of this retrospective, correlational pilot study was to explore the relationship between historical weekly weather data including temperature, dew point, humidity, barometric pressure, ...

Ebama MS, Chu SY, Azziz-Baumgartner E, Lafond KE,. Ancillary benefits of seasonal influenza vaccination in middle-income countries. Vaccine. 2021 Mar 10:S0264-410X(21)00228-0.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 15, 2021 from Vaccine. 2021 Mar 10:S0264-410X(21)00228-0 (via https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264410X2)
While seasonal influenza vaccines (SIV) remain the best method to prevent influenza-associated illnesses, implementing SIV programs may benefit countries beyond disease reduction, strengthening health ...

Liu F, Gross FL, Jefferson SN, Holiday C, Bai Y, W. Age-specific effects of vaccine egg-adaptation and immune priming on A(H3N2) antibody responses following influenza vaccination. J Clin Invest. 2021 Mar 9:146138.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 12, 2021 from J Clin Invest. 2021 Mar 9:146138 (via https://www.jci.org/articles/view/146138)
A(H3N2) Influenza vaccine effectiveness (VE) were low during 2016-2019 seasons and varied by age. We analyzed neutralizing antibody responses to egg- and cell-propagated vaccine and circulating viruses ...

McBride DS, Perofsky AC, Nolting JM, Nelson MI, Bo. Tracing the source of influenza A virus zoonoses in interconnected circuits of swine exhibitions. J Infect Dis. 2021 Mar 4:jiab122.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 10, 2021 from J Infect Dis. 2021 Mar 4:jiab122 (via https://academic.oup.com/jid/advance-article/doi/10.1093/inf)
Background: Since 2011, influenza A viruses circulating in US swine exhibited at county fairs are associated with over 460 zoonotic infections, presenting an ongoing pandemic risk. Swine 'jackpot shows' ...

Courtney SJ, Stromberg ZR, Kubicek-Sutherland JZ. Nucleic Acid-Based Sensing Techniques for Diagnostics and Surveillance of Influenza. Biosensors (Basel). 2021 Feb 12;11(2):47.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 7, 2021 from Biosensors (Basel). 2021 Feb 12;11(2):47 (via https://www.mdpi.com/2079-6374/11/2/47)
Influenza virus poses a threat to global health by causing seasonal outbreaks as well as three pandemics in the 20th century. In humans, disease is primarily caused by influenza A and B viruses, while ...

Salvesen HA, Whitelaw CBA. Current and prospective control strategies of influenza A virus in swine. Porcine Health Manag. 2021 Feb 28;7(1):23.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 4, 2021 from Porcine Health Manag. 2021 Feb 28;7(1):23 (via https://porcinehealthmanagement.biomedcentral.com/articles/1)
Background: Influenza A Viruses (IAV) are endemic pathogens of significant concern in humans and multiple keystone livestock species. Widespread morbidity in swine herds negatively impacts animal welfare ...

Malladi S, Weaver JT, Lopez KM, Erickson JL, Lonsd. Surveillance and sequestration strategies to reduce the likelihood of transporting HPAIV contaminated layer manure. Avian Dis. 2021 Mar 1.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 4, 2021 from Avian Dis. 2021 Mar 1 (via https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33647945/)
Movement and land application of manure is a known risk factor for secondary spread of avian influenza (AI) viruses. During an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), movement of untreated ...

Wang R, Yan W, Du M, Tao L, Liu J, Tao L. The effect of influenza virus infection on pregnancy outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies. Int J Infect Dis. 2021 Feb 26:S1201-9712(21)00181-.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 4, 2021 from Int J Infect Dis. 2021 Feb 26:S1201-9712(21)00181- (via https://www.ijidonline.com/article/S1201-9712(21)00181-8/pdf)
Background: Adverse pregnancy outcomes are risk factors for neonatal mortality and morbidity. While some studies have demonstrated notable associations between influenza and adverse pregnancy outcomes, ...

Chan CP, Lee SS, Wong NS. Adherence of nurses to annual seasonal influenza vaccination over a five-year period. J Hosp Infect. 2021 Feb 25:S0195-6701(21)00076-1.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 1, 2021 from J Hosp Infect. 2021 Feb 25:S0195-6701(21)00076-1 (via https://www.journalofhospitalinfection.com/article/S0195-670)
Background: Influenza poses infection threats to healthcare workers (HCW) and the risk of nosocomial transmission. Sustained adherence to seasonal influenza vaccination uptake annually is important in ...

Lu J, Yang Z, Karawita AC, Bunte M, Chew KY, Pegg. Limited evidence for the role of environmental factors in the unusual peak of influenza in Brisbane during the 2018-2019 Australian summer. Sci Total Environ. 2021 Feb 19;776:145967.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Mar, 1, 2021 from Sci Total Environ. 2021 Feb 19;776:145967 (via https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S00489)
Objective: To explore the contribution of environmental factors in the unusual pattern of influenza activity observed in Brisbane, Australia during the summer of 2018-2019.Methods: Distributed lag nonlinear ...

Shriner SA, Root JJ, Ellis JW, Bentler KT, VanDale. Influenza A virus surveillance, infection, and antibody persistence in snow geese (Anser caerulescens). Transbound Emerg Dis. 2021 Feb 23.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Feb, 24, 2021 from Transbound Emerg Dis. 2021 Feb 23 (via https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/tbed.14044)
Some snow geese (Anser caerulescens) migrate between Eurasia and North America and exhibit high seroprevalence for influenza A viruses (IAVs). Hence, these birds might be expected to play a role in intercontinental ...

de Lusignan S, Lopez Bernal J, Byford R, Amirthali. Influenza and Respiratory Virus Surveillance, Vaccine Uptake, and Effectiveness at a Time of Cocirculating COVID-19: Protocol for the English Primary Care Sentinel System for 2020-2021. JMIR Public Health Surveill. 2021 Feb 19;7(2):e243.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Feb, 20, 2021 from JMIR Public Health Surveill. 2021 Feb 19;7(2):e243 (via https://publichealth.jmir.org/2021/2/e24341/)
Background: The Oxford-Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) Research and Surveillance Centre (RSC) and Public Health England (PHE) are commencing their 54th season of collaboration at a time when ...

Boikos C, Fischer L, O´Brien D, Vasey J, Syl. Relative Effectiveness of Adjuvanted Trivalent Inactivated Influenza Vaccine Versus Egg-Derived Quadrivalent Inactivated Influenza Vaccines and High-Dose Trivalent Influenza Vaccine in Preventing Infl. Clin Infect Dis. 2021 Feb 19:ciab152.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Feb, 20, 2021 from Clin Infect Dis. 2021 Feb 19:ciab152 (via https://academic.oup.com/cid/advance-article/doi/10.1093/cid)
Background: The effectiveness of standard, egg-derived quadrivalent influenza vaccines (IIV4) may be reduced in adults ≥65 years of age, largely due to immunosenescence. An MF59?-adjuvanted trivalent influenza ...

Wu MJ, Chung JR, Kim SS, Jackson ML, Jackson LA, B. Influenza vaccination coverage among persons seeking outpatient medical care for acute respiratory illness in five states in the United States, 2011-2012 through 2018-2019. Vaccine. 2021 Feb 15:S0264-410X(21)00106-7.  Abstract  
submitted by kickingbird at Feb, 19, 2021 from Vaccine. 2021 Feb 15:S0264-410X(21)00106-7 (via https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264410X2)
Background: In the United States (U.S.), annual influenza vaccination has been recommended for all persons aged ≥6 months with the Healthy People 2020 coverage target of 70%. However, vaccination coverage ...

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