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FIC User Manual: Submit News and Articles by yourself
submited by wanglh at Jun, 28, 2006 13:34 PM from FIC

Dear Users of FIC,

  The New FIC 4.0.0 Beta Version integrates the concept and technics of Web 2.0. Users are welcome and encourged to submit news and research papers by themselves.

  After the initial registration, user who activated their membership account can submit news, papers or documents/tools by  click the hyperlink at the right side panel on FIC homepage.

Submit news http://www.flu.org.cn/en/news_submit.html

Submit articles http://www.flu.org.cn/en/article_submit.html  

Users´ submission will normally be reviewed by the editorial team before final activation. But users with good professional reputation and language skills will be entitled as ´Trustworthy Member´, for whom their submission will be automatically activated after submission.

OR, if you want your information to be catergorized in a more SPECIFIC field. You can post your information and discuss it with other people at the EXPERT FORUM, which need a seperate registration. If you have time and enthusiasm on certain filed or topic, welcome to apply for the forum moderator.

FIC is now providing a strong service of Information Feeding. Users can either subscribe to the newsletter which can be sent on daily/weekly basis. OR you can use the RSS 2.0 tool to read the RSS feed news at http://www.flu.org.cn/en/rss.html

Influenza research, Surveillance and Pandemic Planning need everyone. We are looking forward to your participation!

Best Regards

FIC Team

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