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Category: Biological Software Language: en-us
Downloads: 6180 Requirements: Win 9X/NT/2000
Submitted By: kickingbird File Size: 936.88 KB
Add Date: May, 27, 2006 Lisence: FREE

TreeView is a simple program for displaying phylogenies on Windows PCs. It has the following features:
* reads many different tree file formats (including NEXUS, PHYLIP, Hennig86, NONA, MEGA, and ClustalW/X)
* supports standard the TrueType and Postscript fonts
* supports native graphics file format (Windows metafile) for copying pictures into other applications, and for saving graphics files
* print preview
* can print multiple trees per page, and one tree over more than one page
* has drag-and-drop facility for easy opeing of files
* includes access toWeb-based online help
* includes facilities forediting trees

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