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NAGATA T, Toyota T, Ishigaki H, Ichihashi T, et al. Peptides coupled to the surface of a kind of liposome protect infection of influenza viruses. Vaccine. 2007 Jun 21;25(26):4914-21
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In our previous study, OVA conjugated on the surface of a liposome, we termed Oleoyl liposome, which consisted of dioleoyl phosphatidyl choline, dioleoyl phosphatidyl ethanolamine, dioleoyl phosphatidyl glycerol acid and cholesterol in a 4:3:7:2 molar ratio, induced OVA-specific IgG antibody production but not OVA-specific IgE antibody production that is detrimental to the host. Furthermore, OVA(257-264)-Oleoyl liposome elicited CTL responses in the presence of CpG and rejected E.G7 tumors in mice. In this study we tested whether a peptide-Oleoyl liposome conjugates are capable of inducing protection against viral growth. Subcutaneous inoculation of NP(366-374)-Oleoyl liposome with CpG inhibited growth of influenza viruses in lungs of mice. Thus, surface-linked liposomal peptide might serve as an effective vaccine without detrimental effects in the presence of immune potentiators.

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