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2023-3-30 0:13:59

Jiang YP, Zhang HB, Li CJ, Bu ZG, Deng GH, Chen HL. Comparison of Protection Effects of H5 Subtype Avian Influenza DNA Vaccine Optimized with HA Gene and Expressive Vector. Chinese Journal of Agricultural Biotechnology
submited by wanglh at Jul, 14, 2006 8:16 AM from Chinese Journal of Agricultural Biotechnology

To evaluate the effect of H5 subtype avian influenza DNA vaccine optimized with HA gene codon and expressive vectors, groups of 3-week-old SPF chickens were intramuscular inoculated singly with 100 and 10μg of pCIHA5, pCAGGHA5, pCIoptiHA5 and pCAGGoptiHA5 in 200 μL volume, respectively. A group of chickens were injected with 200 μL PBS as controls. Sera were collected every week after vaccination for detecting the HI and AGP antibodies. After four weeks the all chickens were challenged with 100 LD50 of high...

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