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2020-2-27 15:45:11

Xiaxian Zhu, ect.,al. China:The first finding of tiger influenza by virus isolation and specific gene amplification. Chin J Vet Sci March 2003, 23(2)
submited by kickingbird at Oct, 22, 2004 20:49 PM from Chin J Vet Sci March 2003, 23(2)

As Thailand ordered a cull of tigers suspected of suffering from bird flu yesterday, here is a journal review of a paper published in China Journal of Veterinary Science in 2003. demonstrated tigers died of influenza virus infection in 2002. the sequence of NP protein indicated a influenza A virus infection. Though the subtype of the influenza A virus is not mentioned in the paper. the phylogenetic analysis showed great similarity between the NP gene of A/Tiger/Harbin/2/2002 and A/duck anyang/AVL/1/2001(H5N1) and A/goose/Guangdong/1/96(H5N1)

We are indebted to Mr.Tao Wei for his work in extracting and translating the phylogenetic and sequence data from the original chinese file and presenting us with the image files.


phylogenetic tree.jpg

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