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2024-5-20 14:08:25

He J, Deng J, Wen X, Yan M, Liu Y, Zhou Y, Du X, Y. Isolation and genetic characteristics of Novel H4N1 Avian Influenza viruses in ChongQing, China. Virol J. 2024 Apr 10;21(1):85
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Background: Avian influenza viruses (AIVs) constitute significant zoonotic pathogens encompassing a broad spectrum of subtypes. Notably, the H4 subtype of AIVs has a pronounced ability to shift hosts. The escalating prevalence of the H4 subtype heightens the concern for its zoonotic potential, signaling an urgent need for vigilance.

Methods: During the period from December 2021 to November 2023, we collected AIV-related environmental samples and assessed them using a comprehensive protocol that included nucleic acid testing, gene sequencing, isolation culture, and resequencing.

Results: In this study, a total of 934 environmental samples were assessed, revealing a remarkably high detection rate (43.66%, 289/662) of AIV in the live poultry market. Notably, the H4N1 subtype AIV (cs2301) was isolated from the live poultry market and its complete genome sequence was successfully determined. Subsequent analysis revealed that cs2301, resulting from a reassortment event between wild and domesticated waterfowl, exhibits multiple mutations and demonstrates potential for host transfer.

Conclusions: Our research once again demonstrates the significant role of wild and domesticated waterfowl in the reassortment process of avian influenza virus, enriching the research on the H4 subtype of AIV, and emphasizing the importance of proactive monitoring the environment related to avian influenza virus.

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