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2024-5-20 14:25:01

Xiuqin Huang, Weiye Li, Xuewei Cao, Qi Zhang, Yizh. Generation and characterization of a nanobody against the avian influenza virus H7 subtype. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
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Avian influenza virus (AIV) H7N9 diseases have been recently reported, raising concerns about a potential pandemic. Thus, there is an urgent need for effective therapeutics for AIV H7N9 infections. Herein, camelid immunization and yeast two-hybrid techniques were used to identify potent neutralizing nanobodies (Nbs) targeting the H7 subtype hemagglutinin. First, we evaluated the binding specificity and hemagglutination inhibition activity of the screened Nbs against the H7 subtype hemagglutinin. Nb-Z77, with high hemagglutination inhibition activity was selected from the screened Nbs to optimize the yeast expression conditions and construct oligomeric forms of Nb-Z77 using various ligation methods. The oligomers Nb-Z77-DiGS, Nb-Z77-TriGS, Nb-Z77-Fc and Nb-Z77-Foldon were successfully constructed and expressed. Nb-Z77-DiGS and Nb-Z77-Foldon exhibited considerably greater activity than did Nb-Z77 against H7 subtype hemagglutinin, with median effective concentrations of 384.7 and 27.33 pM and binding affinity values of 213 and 5.21 pM, respectively. Nb-Z77-DiGS and Nb-Z77-Foldon completely inhibited the hemagglutination activity of the inactivated virus H7-Re1 at the lowest concentration of 0.938?μg/mL. This study screened a strain of Nb with high hemagglutination inhibition activity and enhanced its antiviral activity through oligomerization, which may have great potential for developing effective agents for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of AIV H7 subtype infection.

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