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2023-6-8 3:25:57

Delima GK, Ganti K, Holmes KE, Shartouny JR, Lowen. Influenza A virus coinfection dynamics are shaped by distinct virus-virus interactions within and between cells. PLoS Pathog. 2023 Mar 2;19(3):e1010978
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When multiple viral populations propagate within the same host environment, they often shape each other´s dynamics. These interactions can be positive or negative and can occur at multiple scales, from coinfection of a cell to co-circulation at a global population level. For influenza A viruses (IAVs), the delivery of multiple viral genomes to a cell substantially increases burst size. However, despite its relevance for IAV evolution through reassortment, the implications of this positive density dependence for coinfection between distinct IAVs has not been explored. Furthermore, the extent to which these interactions within the cell shape viral dynamics at the level of the host remains unclear. Here we show that, within cells, diverse coinfecting IAVs strongly augment the replication of a focal strain, irrespective of their homology to the focal strain. Coinfecting viruses with a low intrinsic reliance on multiple infection offer the greatest benefit. Nevertheless, virus-virus interactions at the level of the whole host are antagonistic. This antagonism is recapitulated in cell culture when the coinfecting virus is introduced several hours prior to the focal strain or under conditions conducive to multiple rounds of viral replication. Together, these data suggest that beneficial virus-virus interactions within cells are counterbalanced by competition for susceptible cells during viral propagation through a tissue. The integration of virus-virus interactions across scales is critical in defining the outcomes of viral coinfection.

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