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2023-6-8 2:18:57

Einav T, Kosikova M, Radvak P, Kuo YC, Kwon HJ, Xi. Mapping the Antibody Repertoires in Ferrets with Repeated Influenza A/H3 Infections: Is Original Antigenic Sin Really. Viruses. 2023 Jan 28;15(2):374
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The influenza-specific antibody repertoire is continuously reshaped by infection and vaccination. The host immune response to contemporary viruses can be redirected to preferentially boost antibodies specific for viruses encountered early in life, a phenomenon called original antigenic sin (OAS) that is suggested to be responsible for diminished vaccine effectiveness after repeated seasonal vaccination. Using a new computational tool called Neutralization Landscapes, we tracked the progression of hemagglutination inhibition antibodies within ferret antisera elicited by repeated influenza A/H3 infections and deciphered the influence of prior exposures on the de novo antibody response to evolved viruses. The results indicate that a broadly neutralizing antibody signature can nevertheless be induced by repeated exposures despite OAS induction. Our study offers a new way to visualize how immune history shapes individual antibodies within a repertoire, which may help to inform future universal influenza vaccine design.

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