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2024-6-23 13:22:17

Dong J, Dong Z, Feng P, Gao Y, Li J, Wang Y, Han L. Influenza Virus Carrying a Codon-Reprogrammed Neuraminidase Gene as a Strategy for Live Attenuated Vaccine. Vaccines (Basel). 2023 Feb 8;11(2):391
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Live attenuated influenza vaccines offer broader and longer-lasting protection in comparison to inactivated influenza vaccines. The neuraminidase (NA) surface glycoprotein of influenza A virus is essential for the release and spread of progeny viral particles from infected cells. In this study, we de novo synthesized the NA gene, in which 62% of codons were synonymously changed based on mammalian codon bias usage. The codon-reprogrammed NA (repNA) gene failed to be packaged into the viral genome, which was achievable with partial restoration of wild-type NA sequence nucleotides at the 3´ and 5´ termini. Among a series of rescued recombinant viruses, we selected 20/13repNA, which contained 20 and 13 nucleotides of wild-type NA at the 3´ and 5´ termini of repNA, respectively, and evaluated its potential as a live attenuated influenza vaccine. The 20/13repNA is highly attenuated in mice, and the calculated LD50 was about 10,000-fold higher than that of the wild-type (WT) virus. Intranasal inoculation of the 20/13repNA virus in mice induced viral-specific humoral, cell-mediated, and mucosal immune responses. Mice vaccinated with the 20/13repNA virus were protected from the lethal challenge of both homologous and heterologous viruses. This strategy may provide a new method for the development of live, attenuated influenza vaccines for a better and more rapid response to influenza threats.

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