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2023-5-30 12:00:32

Hiono T, Kobayashi D. Receptor-Binding Assay for Avian Influenza Viruses. Methods Mol Biol. 2022;2556:141-148
submited by kickingbird at Oct, 1, 2022 18:46 PM from Methods Mol Biol. 2022;2556:141-148

It is well known that influenza viruses utilize host cell glycans for virus attachment factors via their major glycoprotein, hemagglutinin (HA), to initiate their invasion to host cells. Unlike well-known theories in human and avian influenza viruses, barriers laying between interspecies transmission of influenza viruses among bird species are not well understood. Recently, it was speculated that glycan binding of the HA to fucosylated Siaα2-3Gal is related to the expansion in the host range of the virus in avian species. Accordingly, the binding specificity of avian influenza viruses to fucosylated Siaα2-3Gal glycans should be monitored for the better control of avian influenza in both poultry and wild birds. Here, general methods and points for the glycan-binding assay that are specifically modified to target fucosylated Siaα2-3Gal glycans are provided.

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