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2022-8-12 20:28:23

Panzarin V, Marciano S, Fortin A, Brian I, D´. Redesign and Validation of a Real-Time RT-PCR to Improve Surveillance for Avian Influenza Viruses of the H9 Subtype. Viruses. 2022 Jun 10;14(6):1263
submited by kickingbird at Jun, 25, 2022 13:25 PM from Viruses. 2022 Jun 10;14(6):1263

Avian influenza viruses of the H9 subtype cause significant losses to poultry production in endemic regions of Asia, Africa and the Middle East and pose a risk to human health. The availability of reliable and updated diagnostic tools for H9 surveillance is thus paramount to ensure the prompt identification of this subtype. The genetic variability of H9 represents a challenge for molecular-based diagnostic methods and was the cause for suboptimal detection and false negatives during routine diagnostic monitoring. Starting from a dataset of sequences related to viruses of different origins and clades (Y439, Y280, G1), a bioinformatics workflow was optimized to extract relevant sequence data preparatory for oligonucleotides design. Analytical and diagnostic performances were assessed according to the OIE standards. To facilitate assay deployment, amplification conditions were optimized with different nucleic extraction systems and amplification kits. Performance of the new real-time RT-PCR was also evaluated in comparison to existing H9-detection methods, highlighting a significant improvement of sensitivity and inclusivity, in particular for G1 viruses. Data obtained suggest that the new assay has the potential to be employed under different settings and geographic areas for a sensitive detection of H9 viruses.

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