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2023-10-3 14:52:16

Zheng H, Ma L, Gui R, Lin X, Ke X, Jian X, Ye C, C. G Protein Subunit β1 Facilitates Influenza A Virus Replication by Promoting the Nuclear Import of PB2. J Virol. 2022 May 23:e0049422
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G protein subunit β1 (GNB1), the beta subunit of the G protein family, plays an important role in regulating transmembrane signal transduction. Although a recent study has demonstrated that GNB1 can bind the matrix protein 1 (M1) to facilitate M1 transport to budding sites and promote the release of progeny influenza A virus (IAV), whether the GNB1 protein has other functions in IAV replication requires further study. Here, we found that GNB1 promoted IAV replication, as virus yield decreased in GNB1 knockdown or knockout cells. GNB1 interacted with polymerase subunits PB2, PB1, and PA. Overexpressed GNB1 facilitated PB2 binding to importin α3, α5, and α7 promoting the nuclear import of PB2, enhancing viral RNA synthesis and polymerase activity. Altogether, our results demonstrated that GNB1 positively regulates virus replication by interacting with polymerase subunits and facilitating the nuclear import of PB2, which provide novel insights into the molecular mechanism of IAV. IMPORTANCE Until now, there has been only one article on the role of GNB1 in IAV budding. No study has investigated the role of GNB1 in IAV replication. In this study, our research demonstrated that GNB1 could increase the interaction between PB2 and the importin α isoform and mediate the nuclear import of PB2. Therefore, GNB1 could promote viral replication and transcription. Our results provide a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of viral replication and provide potential antiviral drug targets.

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