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2022-8-14 11:13:25

Wang J, Jiang L, Xu Y, He W, Zhang C, Bi F, Tan Y,. Epidemiology of influenza virus reinfection in Guangxi, China: a retrospective analysis of a nine-year influenza surveillance data. Int J Infect Dis. 2022 Apr 24:S1201-9712(22)00248-
submited by kickingbird at Apr, 28, 2022 16:16 PM from Int J Infect Dis. 2022 Apr 24:S1201-9712(22)00248-

Background: Epidemiological characteristics profile of the reinfection of the influenza virus has not been well described.

Methods: Included all influenza cases of Guangxi, China from January 2011 to December 2019 recorded in National Notifiable Infectious Disease Reporting Information System (NIDRIS) within 24 hours after diagnosis.

Results: A total of 53,605.6 person-months and the median time of 8.7 months were observed for reinfection. The median age at the first influenza virus infection was 4.5 (IQR=2.0-7.5) years. The cumulative reinfection incidence was 2% at 6-month, 4% at 12-month, 5% at 24-month, and 7% after 59-month. Living in the rural area (HR=1.37 [95%CI, 1.29-1.45]), age ≤6 years (HR=11.43 [95%CI, 9.47-13.80]) were independent risk factors associated with influenza reinfection. Among 49 patients experiencing twice laboratory tests, 32 patients (65.3%) were with different virus types. The interval between two consecutive laboratory-confirmed episodes of the four groups differed (p=0.148), as the maximum was 72.9 months, and the minimum was 1.2 months.

Conclusions: The reinfection of the influenza virus in Guangxi independently and positively associated with the rural area and younger age. The unusually high frequency of reinfection points to a need for further prospective longitudinal studies to better investigate sufficient impact on different subtypes.

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