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2022-8-14 11:35:35

El-Shesheny R, Turner JCM, Walker D, Franks J, Sei. Detection of a Novel Reassortant H9N9 Avian Influenza Virus in Free-Range Ducks in Bangladesh. Viruses. 2021 Nov 24;13(12):2357
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Wild aquatic birds are the primary natural reservoir for influenza A viruses (IAVs). In this study, an A(H9N9) influenza A virus (A/duck/Bangladesh/44493/2020) was identified via routine surveillance in free-range domestic ducks in Bangladesh. Phylogenetic analysis of hemagglutinin showed that the H9N9 virus belonged to the Y439-like lineage. The HA gene had the highest nucleotide identity to A/Bean Goose (Anser fabalis)/South Korea/KNU 2019-16/2019 (H9N2). The other seven gene segments clustered within the Eurasian lineage.

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