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2023-5-30 19:04:52

Li Y, Robertson I. The epidemiology of swine influenza. Anim Dis. 2021;1(1):21
submited by kickingbird at Nov, 16, 2021 9:35 AM from Anim Dis. 2021;1(1):21

Globally swine influenza is one of the most important diseases of the pig industry, with various subtypes of swine influenza virus co-circulating in the field. Swine influenza can not only cause large economic losses for the pig industry but can also lead to epidemics or pandemics in the human population. We provide an overview of the pathogenic characteristics of the disease, diagnosis, risk factors for the occurrence on pig farms, impact on pigs and humans and methods to control it. This review is designed to promote understanding of the epidemiology of swine influenza which will benefit the control of the disease in both pigs and humans.

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