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2022-8-14 10:43:28

Ma Y, Wang Y, Dong C, Gonzalez GX, Song Y, Zhu W,. Influenza NP core and HA or M2e shell double-layered protein nanoparticles induce broad protection against divergent influenza a viruses. Nanomedicine. 2021 Nov 4:102479
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Influenza viral infection causes acute upper respiratory diseases in humans, posing severe risks to global public health. However, current vaccines provide limited protection against mismatched circulating influenza A viruses. Here, the immune responses induced in mice by novel double-layered protein nanoparticles were investigated. The nanoparticles were composed of influenza nucleoprotein (NP) cores and hemagglutinin (HA) or matrix 2 protein ectodomain (M2e) shells. Vaccination with the nanoparticles significantly enhanced M2e-specific serum antibody titers and concomitant ADCC responses. Robust NP-specific T cell responses and robust HA neutralization were also detected. Moreover, vaccination with a trivalent nanoparticle combination containing two routinely circulated HA, conserved M2e, and NP reduced lung virus titers, pulmonary pathologies, and weight loss after homologous virus challenge. This combination also improved survival rates against heterologous and heterosubtypic influenza virus challenges. Our results demonstrate that the trivalent combination elicited potent and long-lasting immune responses conferring influenza viral cross-protection.

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