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2023-5-30 19:35:50

Pyankova OG, Susloparov IM, Moiseeva AA, Kolosova. Isolation of clade A(H5N8), a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus, from a worker during an outbreak on a poultry farm, Russia, December 2020. Euro Surveill. 2021 Jun;26(24)
submited by kickingbird at Jun, 19, 2021 9:48 AM from Euro Surveill. 2021 Jun;26(24)

This study presents the isolation of influenza A(H5N8) virus clade from a poultry worker during an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N8) among chickens at a poultry farm in Astrakhan, Russia in December 2020. Nasopharyngeal swabs collected from seven poultry workers were positive for influenza A(H5N8), as confirmed by RT-PCR and sequencing. The influenza A(H5N8) virus was isolated from one of the human specimens and characterised. Sporadic human influenza A(H5) infections represent a possible concern for public health.

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