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2021-3-1 6:28:25

Chen S, Wang X, Su X, Miao X, Qin T, Peng D, Liu X. Deep sequencing of the transcriptome from murine lung infected with H5N8 subtype avian influenza virus with combined substitutions I283M and K526R in PB2 gene. Infect Genet Evol. 2021 Jan;87:104672
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H5N8 subtype highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses (HPAIVs) pose a huge threat to poultry industry and general public health. Our previous study demonstrated that synergistic effect of 283M and 526R in PB2 gene was a critical factor for viral high pathogenicity in mammals. However, the potential pathogenic mechanism of the mutant virus is still unclear. Here, RNA-seq method was used to analyze the global host response of murine lungs after infecting with parental r-JY virus and JY-PB2-I283M-K526R mutant virus. We found that both amounts and the expression levels of host differentially expressed genes (DEGs) were higher in mutant virus-infected mice compared with the group of parental virus. Furthermore, the DEGs mainly related with innate immune response by GO and KEGG analysis. Especially, PB2-I283M-K526R mutation strongly induced a sharp expression of cytokine storm-related genes, including MX1, CXCL10, and IFN-γ, performed by qRT-PCR. We also found that PB2-I283M-K526R mutation accelerated the level of cell apoptosis by heat map analysis of apoptosis-related DEGs in lungs and apoptosis assay in vitro. Taken together, our data demonstrated that PB2-I283M-K526R of H5N8 subtype HPAIV exacerbated the innate immune response and the level of cell apoptosis, which might be a key pathogenic mechanism for the enhanced pathogenicity of mutants in mammals.

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