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2021-3-1 20:56:46

Li Y, Li M, Tian J, Bai X, Li Y. Genetic characteristics and pathogenicity of novel reassortant H6 viruses isolated from wild birds in China. Vet Microbiol. 2021 Jan 6;254:108978
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During our routine surveillance, we isolated seven H6 avian influenza virus (AIV) strains, including three H6N1 strains, three H6N2 strains, and one H6N8 strain, from 3667 fresh fecal samples that were collected from wild bird habitats in China from March 2017 and May 2019. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that these viruses formed five different genotypes and have undergone complicate reassortment during their evolution by acquiring genes from AIVs of both Eurasian and North American lineages that have been previously detected in migrating waterfowl and poultry. Viral pathogenesis in mice showed that these H6 viruses replicated efficiently in both the nasal turbinates and lungs of mice without pre-adaptation, but none of them were lethal for mice. We studied the genetic characteristic and biological property of novel reassortant H6 viruses isolated from wild birds in China. It also highlights the need for continued surveillance of H6 AIVs circulating in nature.

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