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Moro PL, Marquez P. Reports of cell-based influenza vaccine administered during pregnancy in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 2013-2020. Vaccine. 2020 Dec 24:S0264-410X(20)31613-3
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Background: In November 2012, the first cell cultured influenza vaccine, a trivalent subunit inactivated influenza vaccine (Flucelvax(?), ccIIV3), was approved in the United States for adults aged ≥18 years. A quadrivalent version (ccIIV4) was later approved in 2016 and replaced ccIIV3. The safety of ccIIV3 or ccIIV4 (ccIIV) was not assessed for pregnant women or their infants during pre-licensure studies.

Objective: To assess the safety of ccIIV administered during pregnancy in pregnant women and their infants whose reports were submitted to VAERS during 2013-2020.

Material and methods: We searched VAERS for United States reports of adverse events (AEs) in pregnant women who received ccIIV from 1 July 2013 through 31 May 2020. Clinicians reviewed reports and available medical records and assigned a primary clinical category for each report. Reports were coded as serious based on the Code of Federal Regulations definition.

Results: VAERS received 391 reports following ccIIV administered to pregnant women. Twenty-four (6.1%) were serious. Two neonatal deaths were reported. No maternal deaths occurred. Among reports with trimester information (n = 340), ccIIV was administered during the second trimester in 170 (50%). The most frequent pregnancy-specific AE was premature delivery in 85 (21.7%) reports, followed by dysmature placenta in 13 (3.3%) and pre-eclampsia/eclampsia in ten (2.3%). The most common non-pregnancy specific conditions were infectious conditions in 32 (8.2%). Among infant conditions, low birth weight was reported in 62 (15.9%) reports. Fifteen birth defects were reported; in 12 with gestational age information, administration of the vaccine occurred late in the second trimester or later.

Conclusions: Review of maternal ccIIV reports in VAERS was not unexpectedly different from other maternal influenza vaccine safety VAERS reviews.

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