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2020-9-20 19:50:07

Pelton SI, Divino V, Shah D, et al. Evaluating the Relative Vaccine Effectiveness of Adjuvanted Trivalent Influenza Vaccine Compared to High-Dose Trivalent and Other Egg-Based Influenza Vaccines among Older Adults in the US during the 2. Vaccines (Basel). 2020;8(3):E446
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The influenza-related disease burden is highest among the elderly. We evaluated the relative vaccine effectiveness (rVE) of adjuvanted trivalent influenza vaccine (aTIV) compared to other egg-based influenza vaccines (high-dose trivalent (TIV-HD), quadrivalent (QIVe-SD), and standard-dose trivalent (TIVe-SD)) against influenza-related and cardio-respiratory events among subjects aged ≥65 years for the 2017-2018 influenza season. This retrospective cohort analysis used prescription claims, professional fee claims, and hospital charge master data. Influenza-related hospitalizations/ER visits and office visits and cardio-respiratory events were assessed post-vaccination. Inverse probability of treatment weighting (IPTW) and Poisson regression were used to evaluate the adjusted rVE of aTIV compared to other vaccines. In an economic analysis, annualized follow-up costs were compared between aTIV and TIV-HD. The study was composed of 234,313 aTIV, 1,269,855 TIV-HD, 212,287 QIVe-SD, and 106,491 TIVe-SD recipients. aTIV was more effective in reducing influenza-related office visits and other respiratory-related hospitalizations/ER visits compared to the other vaccines. For influenza-related hospitalizations/ER visits, aTIV was associated with a significantly higher rVE compared to QIVe-SD and TIVe-SD and was comparable to TIV-HD. aTIV was also associated with a significantly higher rVE compared to TIVe-SD against hospitalizations/ER visits related to pneumonia and asthma/COPD/bronchial events. aTIV and TIV-HD were associated with comparable annualized all-cause and influenza-related costs. Adjusted analyses demonstrated a significant benefit of aTIV against influenza- and respiratory-related events compared to the other egg-based vaccines.

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