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2020-8-10 23:55:30

Le Sage V, Kanarek JP, Snyder DJ, Cooper VS, Lakda. Mapping of Influenza Virus RNA-RNA Interactions Reveals a Flexible Network. Cell Rep. 2020;31(13):107823
submited by kickingbird at Jul, 2, 2020 12:25 PM from Cell Rep. 2020;31(13):107823

Selective assembly of influenza virus segments into virions is proposed to be mediated through intersegmental RNA-RNA interactions. Here, we developed a method called 2CIMPL that includes proximity ligation under native conditions to identify genome-wide RNA duplexes. Interactions between all eight segments were observed at multiple sites along a given segment and are concentrated at hotspots. Furthermore, synonymous nucleotide changes in a hotspot decreased the formation of RNA-RNA interactions at this site and resulted in a genome-wide rearrangement without a loss in replicative fitness. These results indicate that the viral RNA interaction network is flexible to account for nucleotide evolution. Moreover, comparative analysis of RNA-RNA interaction sites with viral nucleoprotein (NP) binding to the genome revealed that RNA junctions can also occur adjacent to NP peaks, suggesting that NP association does not exclude RNA duplex formation. Overall, 2CIMPL is a versatile technique to map in vivo RNA-RNA interactions.

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