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2020-5-28 9:37:40

Tsuzuki S, Yoshihara K. The characteristics of influenza-like illness management in Japan. BMC Public Health. 2020 Apr 28;20(1):568.
submited by kickingbird at May, 1, 2020 13:8 PM from BMC Public Health. 2020 Apr 28;20(1):568.

This study aimed to make a quantitative assessment of the management of influenza-like illnesses (ILI) in Japanese healthcare settings.
We analysed participants´ healthcare-seeking behaviour and physicians´ practice in January 2019 using an online survey of 200 households in Japan. Quality of life score, quality-adjusted life years lost, the duration of symptoms, and the duration of absence from work were compared between the influenza ILI group and the non-influenza ILI group with one-to-one propensity score matching. Missing data were imputed using multiple imputation.
In total, 261 of the 600 (43.5%) participants had at least one episode of influenza-like illness during January 2019. Of these, 194 (75.5%) visited healthcare facilities, 167 (86.1%) within 2?days of onset of symptoms. A total of 169 out of 191 (88.5%) received a rapid influenza diagnostic test and 101 were diagnosed with influenza, of whom 95.0% were treated with antivirals. The median quality-adjusted life-years (QALYs) lost was 0.0055 (interquartile range, IQR 0.0040-0.0072) and median absence from work for a single episode of influenza-like illness was 2?days (IQR 1-5?days). Albeit QALYs lost per episode was not different between two groups, the influenza ILI group showed longer duration of absence from work (5?days, IQR 4-6?days) than the non-influenza ILI group (2?days, IQR 1-3?days).
In Japan, most people with influenza-like illnesses visit healthcare facilities soon after symptoms first occur and receive a diagnostic test. Those with influenza are usually treated with antivirals. Absence from work was longer for influenza than other similar illnesses.

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