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2020-7-15 16:00:56

Liu H, et al. An Internet-Based Survey of Influenza Vaccination Coverage in Healthcare Workers in China, 2018/2019 Season. Vaccines (Basel). 2019 Dec 26;8(1).
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Influenza vaccination coverage was low among healthcare workers (HCWs) in China. In October 2018, the National Health Commission of China began to require all hospitals to provide free influenza vaccination for HCWs to increase vaccine uptake, and no study on vaccine coverage among HCWs at the national level after the announcement of new policy. This evaluation aims to investigate self-reported influenza vaccination coverage among HCWs and factors that may affect vaccine receipt during the 2018/2019 influenza season. We delivered an opt-in internet panel survey among registered HCWs of DXY forum (the biggest online forum for HCWs in China). The survey was self-administered using a standard questionnaire to collect information on demographics, occupational characteristics, policy implementation, influenza vaccination and influence factors. We conducted multivariate logistic regression analysis to assess factors associated with receipt of influenza vaccine. The response rate of this online survey was 3.6%. The seasonal influenza vaccine coverage reported among HCWs surveyed during the 2018/2019 season was 11.6% (472/4078). Only 19.0% (774/4078) of HCWs surveyed reported free policy in their workplace. Combing free policy and workplace requirement proved to be effective to improve influenza vaccination coverage in HCWs (PR = 6.90, 95% CI: 6.03-7.65). The influenza vaccination coverage among surveyed HCWs in China was low during the 2018/2019 season. To increase future vaccination uptake, we recommend a multi-faceted strategy that include free policy, workplace requirement and promotion, on-site vaccination, and monitoring.

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