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2020-7-13 4:21:18

Ding X, Yuan X, Mao L, Wu A, Jiang T. FluReassort: a database for the study of genomic reassortments among influenza viruses. Brief Bioinform. 2019 Nov 27
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Genomic reassortment is an important genetic event in the generation of emerging influenza viruses, which can cause numerous serious flu endemics and epidemics within hosts or even across different hosts. However, there is no dedicated and comprehensive repository for reassortment events among influenza viruses. Here, we present FluReassort, a database for understanding the genomic reassortment events in influenza viruses. Through manual curation of thousands of literature references, the database compiles 204 reassortment events among 56 subtypes of influenza A viruses isolated in 37 different countries. FluReassort provides an interface for the visualization and evolutionary analysis of reassortment events, allowing users to view the events through the phylogenetic analysis with varying parameters. The reassortment networks in FluReassort graphically summarize the correlation and causality between different subtypes of the influenza virus and facilitate the description and interpretation of the reassortment preference among subtypes. We believe FluReassort is a convenient and powerful platform for understanding the evolution of emerging influenza viruses. FluReassort is freely available at https://www.jianglab.tech/FluReassort.

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