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2020-5-31 11:19:36

Sautto GA, Ross TM. Hemagglutinin consensus-based prophylactic approaches to overcome influenza virus diversity. Vet Ital. 2019 Sep 30;55(3):195-201.
submited by kickingbird at Oct, 12, 2019 14:46 PM from Vet Ital. 2019 Sep 30;55(3):195-201.

Each year millions of people are infected by influenza viruses, and this causes a substantial economic and health burden on our society. Influenza epidemics and pandemics are attributable to the ongoing evolution of influenza viruses through antigenic drift and shift, respectively. One of the reasons for the continuous circulation of influenza viruses in the human population is the incomplete protection conferred by currently available seasonal influenza vaccines against possible arising drifted or shifted influenza strains. Recently, tremendous efforts have been focused on the development of a more effective broadly reactive or universal influenza vaccine. The main objective of underdevelopment vaccines is to protect the human population not only from currently circulating virus strains but also from possible future variants without the need for their continuous update. Different approaches have been developed to reach this goal and elicit an effective and cross-protective immune response. Among these, consensus-based prophylactic approaches to effectively prevent influenza infections are the major focus of this review.

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