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2019-9-16 11:03:48

H?fer CT, et al. Structural determinants of the interaction between influenza a virus matrix protein M1 and lipid membranes. Biochim Biophys Acta Biomembr. 2019 Mar 19
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Influenza A virus is a pathogen responsible for severe seasonal epidemics threatening human and animal populations every year. One of the ten proteins encoded by the viral genome, the matrix protein M1, is abundantly produced in infected cells and plays a structural role in determining the morphology of the virus. During assembly of new viral particles, M1 is recruited to the host cell membrane where it associates with lipids and other viral proteins. The structure of M1 is only partially known. In particular, structural details of M1 interactions with the cellular plasma membrane as well as M1-protein interactions and multimerization have not been clarified, yet. In this work, we employed a set of complementary experimental and theoretical tools to tackle these issues. Using raster image correlation, surface plasmon resonance and circular dichroism spectroscopies, we quantified membrane association and oligomerization of full-length M1 and of different genetically engineered M1 constructs (i.e., N- and C-terminally truncated constructs and a mutant of the polybasic region, residues 95-105). Furthermore, we report novel information on structural changes in M1 occurring upon binding to membranes. Our experimental results are corroborated by an all-atom model of the full-length M1 protein bound to a negatively charged lipid bilayer.

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