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2020-7-15 15:46:48

Byrne-Nash RT, et al. A neuraminidase potency assay for quantitative assessment of neuraminidase in influenza vaccines. NPJ Vaccines. 2019 Jan 22;4:3
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Neuraminidase (NA) immunity leads to decreased viral shedding and reduced severity of influenza disease; however, NA content in influenza vaccines is currently not regulated, resulting in inconsistent quality and quantity of NA that can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, from year to year, and from lot to lot. To address this problem, we have developed an assay for NA quantification that could be used by the industry to move toward developing influenza vaccines that induce a predictable immune response to NA. The VaxArray Influenza Seasonal NA Potency Assay (VXI-sNA) is a multiplexed sandwich immunoassay that relies on six subtype-specific monoclonal antibodies printed in microarray format and a suite of fluor-conjugated "label" antibodies. The performance of the assay as applied to a wide range of influenza vaccines is described herein. The assay demonstrated high NA subtype specificity and high sensitivity, with quantification limits ranging from 1 to 60?ng/mL and linear dynamic ranges of 24-500-fold. When compared to an enzymatic activity assay for samples exposed to thermal degradation conditions, the assay was able to track changes in protein stability over time and exhibited good correlation with enzyme activity. The assay also demonstrated excellent analytical precision with relative error ranging from 6 to 12% over day-to-day, user-to-user, and lot-to-lot variation. The high sensitivity and reproducibility of the assay enabled robust detection and quantification of NA in crude in-process samples and low-dose, adjuvanted vaccines with an accuracy of 100?±?10%.

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