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Newly uploaded articles in F.I.C 20051212
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  • Antibody response to influenza vaccination in nursing home residents and healthcare workers during four successive seasons in Niigata, Japan.
    http://www.flu.org.cn/resources/200512126425.htm Article
  • Serum immunoglobulin levels do not affect antibody responses to influenza HA vaccine in preterm infants.
    http://www.flu.org.cn/resources/200512123133.htm Article
  • Quail carry sialic acid receptors compatible with binding of avian and human influenza viruses.
    http://www.flu.org.cn/resources/200512125624.htm Article
  • An Outbreak of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Subtype H5N1 in Broiler Breeders, Korea.
    http://www.flu.org.cn/resources/200512121141.htm Article
  • Quantification of the effect of vaccination on transmission of avian influenza (H7N7) in chickens.
    http://www.flu.org.cn/resources/200512122612.htm Article
  • Molecular Evolution of Human Influenza A/H3N2 Virus in Asia and Europe from 2001 to 2003.
    http://www.flu.org.cn/resources/200512125437.htm Article
  • A latex agglutination test for detection of hemagglutinin serum antibodies to H5 Avian influenza virus in chicken
    http://www.flu.org.cn/resources/200512129729.htm Article
  • Scientific Report-Animal health and welfare aspects of AI (The EFSA Journal 2005)
    http://www.flu.org.cn/resources/200512127615.htm Article
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