2005 Sequences of AIV(H5N1) from Northern And Southern Vietnam at LANL

Twenty sequences from 2005 H5N1 isolates in Vietnam have been place on deposit at Los Alamos National Labs (LANL).  The isolates represent the H and N gene from 11 avian isolates in northern and southern Vietnam,  From the north there are HA sequences from
Hanoi A/Chicken/Vietnam/NCVD09/2005
Hanoi A/Chicken/Vietnam/NCVD10/2005
Ha Tay A/Duck/Vietnam/NCVD01/2005
Ha Tay A/Muscovy Duck/Vietnam/NCVD02/2005
Vinh Phuc (A/Duck/Vietnam/NCVD04/2005
Lao Cai (AChicken/Vietnam/NCVD12/2005. 

From the south there are
An Giang A/Duck/Vietnam/NCVD05/2005
An Giang A/Duck/Vietnam/NCVD06/2005
Tien Giang A/Duck/Vietnam/NCVD07/2005
Tien Giang A/Duck/Vietnam/NCVD08/2005.

All ten HA sequences are missing an ARG in the HA cleavage site indicating all are recombinants and the missing ARG does not correlate with the different bird flu case fatality rates in the north and south, assuming the human isolates in 2005 are similar to the corresponding avian isolates.