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Brunei remains free from bird flu epidemic
submited by kickingbird at Aug, 26, 2004 19:35 PM from Bruneidirect.com

The Department of Agriculture Director Dr Haji Mohamad Yussof Bin Haji Mohiddin has reassured the general public that there is no need to worry about the bird flu epidemic that Malaysia encountered recently, as the Sultanate does not import chicken from other countries.

He reiterated this yesterday, adding that Brunei is self-sufficient in the supply of poultry, especially when it comes to chicken.

The local market has a supply of 1,000,000 chicken and 10,000,000 eggs monthly, which is more than enough for local consumption, he added.

The stringent quarantine procedures and application of permit for live animals are still in place at all border entry points into Brunei, such as Sungai Tujoh and Kuala Lurah among others.

According to Dr Haji Mohamad Yussof bin Haji Mohiddin, the stringent precautionary measures have been in place since the bird flu outbreak in Vietnam early this year.

In addition, he advised members of the public not to bring any live bird and chicken into the country, as it is against Brunei law.

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