China: Shaanxi reported one human H7N9 fatal case in Baoji

One human H7N9 AIV case reported in Baoji city of Shaanxi(Shannxi)province on 6th May. The 31-year-old male patient, surname Xiang, lived in Weibin district of Baoji city, had onset of fever, cough and short of breath on 28th April, his condition had not improved after treatment in local community clinic. On 4th,May he had CT inspection in PLA 537 hospital and was admitted into Baoji people´s hospital in High-tech district.His condition worsened on 5th,May and expert group diagnosed as highly suspected H7N9 case. The samples(BAL) of the patient were collected and sent to Baoji city CDC for immedately antigen test. The positive H7N9 nucleic acid result was confirmed by city CDC on 5pm, the samples were sent to provincial CDC for reconfirmation. The patient was then transferred into negative pressure ward in city central hospital for treatment, and the paitent died on 10pm dued to multi-organ failure. Shaanxi provincial CDC reported that the samples of the patient tested positive for H7N9.