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2023-5-30 18:18:37

China: Shaanxi reported another human H7N9 AIV case
submited by kickingbird at May, 5, 2017 18:5 PM from HFPB of Xianyang

One human H7N9 AIV case reported in Xianyang city of Shaanxi(Shannxi)province on 5th May. The 63-year-old male patient, surname Guo, lived in Weinan district of Xianyang city, had onset of fever a week before(had symptoms as nauseas, vomiting, diarrhea on 30th April) and was admitted into Xianyang 215 hospital on 2nd May, The initial Rapid antigen test for Flu and PCR test for H7N9 came back negative on 3rd May. On 4th May, recollected  fresh samples tested positive for H7N9 by Xi′an city CDC on the night of 4th May, and Shaanxi provincial CDC confirmed the result on 5th May, he was transferred into Xi´an Tangdu hospital for treatment.The epidemiological investigation revealed that the patient´s residency is close to the first H7N9 case(surname Zhang), and the patient said that he had pay a visit to the first H7N9 confirmed case in the Xianyang first hospital on 24th, April, but the relatives of the deceased denied there was a visit.

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