China: Shaanxi reported a human H7N9 fatal case

One human H7N9 AIV case(fatal) reported in Xianyang city of Shaanxi(Shannxi)province on 3rd May. The 62-year-old male patient, surname Zhang, had onset of fever and cough on 18th April, he was admitted into Xianyang first hospital on 23rd April, and was transferred into second affiliated hospital of Xi´an Jiaotong university on 25th April dued to wosen of his illness. His samples tested positive for H7N9 by Xi´an city and Shaanxi provincial CDCs on 30th April, he died due to multi-organ failure on 1st May.

His samples were confirmed to be H7N9 positive by National CDC on 3rd May, this is the first human H7N9 case in Shaanxi province