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CIDRAP: Five strains of H5 avian flu reported across China
submited by kickingbird at Oct, 30, 2014 9:40 AM from CIDRAP

Reports of outbreaks in China involving five different highly pathogenic H5 avian influenza strains were filed with the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) recently.

Two of the strains—H5N8 and H5N3—have not been reported by China to the OIE before. Two outbreaks of the former were reported in September, each involving one bird (a duck and an unspecified bird) sampled during a national surveillance plan. One was at a slaughterhouse and the other in a wetland area; both were in Liaoning province in the northeast.

H5N3 occurred in a duck at a live-bird market in China´s south central Hunan province. The bird´s infection was also discovered during surveillance.

Eight outbreaks of H5N2 on farms, at bird markets, and in wetland areas were reported from Sep 12 through Oct 24. The total susceptible birds numbered 6,254, of which 6,253 were destroyed (1 bird was discovered during surveillance). Geographic areas affected included the following provinces: Hubei in the east central region (three outbreaks), Heilongjiang and Liaoning in the northeast, Ningxia and Liaoning in the northwest, Guangxi in the south central region, and Tibet.

Twenty-four H5N6 avian flu outbreaks among ducks, geese, and chickens at markets and farms were reported to the OIE in September, all but one involving just one or two birds during sampling done as part of a national surveillance plan. The larger outbreak was on a farm in Heilongjiang province. Two birds in a flock of 1,421 were infected, and all birds were destroyed.

H5N1 avian flu was the cause in 16 outbreaks, all of them involving 1 or 2 ducks, geese, or chickens, again occurring at markets and discovered as part of national surveillance.
Oct 24 OIE report on H5N3
Oct 24 OIE report on H5N8
Oct 24 OIE report on H5N2
Oct 24 OIE report on H5N6
Oct 24 OIE report on H5N1

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