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International Swine Flu Conference, November 23-24 in Toronto, Canada
submited by lisa_wilson at Sep, 23, 2009 17:55 PM from New-Fields Exhibitions

We are pleased to inform you of the opportunity to attend the International Swine Flu Conference in Toronto, Canada on November 23-24, 2009.

The conference is designed to help you better meet the threat of a swine flu pandemic as well as to meet your planning requirements -- on time, under budget, and with a minimum of disruption to your operations. ISFC 09 presentations, panel discussions, 15 concurrent breakout sessions and 60+ speakers.

We encourage you to share your specific issues and concerns at this 2-day event and take advantage of the Open-discussion collaborative environment of our summit workshops.

The activities are results-oriented, offering you hands-on experience with the planning process in areas of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

For more information, please visit
http://new-fields.com/isfc_canada/. We hope you can join the other organizations that have already registered and actively participate in this event to get engaged in the whole process where you have a real voice, and can also engage and empower the people around you.

About New-Fields Exhibitions

Founded in 1994, New-Fields today is an international specialists in emergency planning events, disaster recovery and public health training, workshops and conferences. For expedited registration and other information, contact 202-536-5000. To learn more about latest conference developments visit:

ISFC build on the success of 7 Bird Flu summits that were organized by New-Fields in Washington, DC, Geneva, Switzerland and Bali, Indonesia.
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