Turkey adopts action plan against bird flu

ANKARA, Oct. 16 (Xinhua) -- Turkey"e;s ministries of health, environment and agriculture have drafted an emergency action plan to fight against a possible bird flu epidemic, local Today"e;s Zaman reported on Tuesday.

    Officials from the Ministry of Health were quoted as saying that they have taken action to introduce protective measures against the disease with a credit of some 22 million U.S. dollars contracted from the World Bank and a donation of 6 million euros granted by the European Union.

    The ministry has also launched joint researches and studies with ministries of environment and agriculture to avert any possible bird flu cases, especially in the northern city of Samsun along the Black Sea, where is frequented by migratory birds.

    Meanwhile, about 65 experts from the Protection and Control Directorate-General will conduct precautionary exercises in a town near the Kizilirmak Bird Paradise on Oct. 16-19.

    Approximately 50 veterinarians from provinces where chicken raising is common will take part in the exercise and attend a seminar on bird flu.

    Bird flu virus was first discovered in Turkey in October 2005 at a farm near Manyas, just south of the Marmara Sea.