International Symposium on Avian Influenza: Integration from Knowledge to Control

     Following recurrent outbreaks of avian influenza in Thailand and many other Asian Countries, it is necessary to prepare for potential influenza pandemics through research and development. A multidimensional approach to the subject is required including: socio-economic, public health, and most importantly, science and technology issues. Presently, laboratories worldwide, both public and private sectors, have been working on research and development in several aspects,i.e. pandemic vaccine development and testing, antiviral drugs and basic research to understand the nature of influenza viruses. An effective and timely response to the global threat of an influenza pandemic must be established through a regional and international research network. In this regard, an international symposium is conceptualized to be a stage for scientific communication between regional and international researchers as well as for sharing recent research information.   
The International Symposium on Avian Influenza: Integration from Knowledge to Control will be held during 23-25 January 2008, in Bangkok, Thailand. The aim of the Symposium is to stage a forum in which researchers and scientists working in the field of avian influenza can exchange information and experience, which could possibly lead to future research collaborations. A number of notable scientists in this field have agreed to participate in this important Symposium. It is the aim of BIOTEC that this symposium will contribute to avian and pandemic influenza action plans, e.g.  risk communication and public awareness, improved pandemic preparedness plans, as well as collaboration and sharing of resources and specimens among research groups.

Prospective authors of presentations are invited to submit abstracts in English for consideration by 15 September 2007 through either our website or Symposium Secretariat.  Authors of selected abstracts will be invited to present in the form of an oral presentation, a decision of which will be made by the Scientific Committee.  The acceptance will be announced no later than 31 October 2007

The following standard format is required for preparing an abstract:

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