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New Zealand: Influenza Pandemic Action Plan 2006 released
submited by kickingbird at Sep, 28, 2006 11:54 AM from MOH, New Zealand

Purpose and contents

The New Zealand Influenza Pandemic Action Plan is intended for anyone involved in planning for or responding to an influenza pandemic, as well as providing general information on pandemics and government planning for New Zealand as a whole.

This Plan is primarily a central government planning document and is intended to inform but not prescribe the structure of local plans.

Three main parts

A) The Action Plan
This section summarises the scenarios (both international and New Zealand-specific) and provides clear guidance on the actions for each scenario, who is responsible for these actions, and by what authority these actions can be taken.

B) Explanatory Material
This section provides further information about planning for and responding to a pandemic. It outlines the Ministry of Health, District Health Boards and whole-of-government approach to pandemic planning. It also outlines the co-ordination arrangements and response functions that would be put in place in the event of a pandemic.

C) Appendices
This section provides fuller details of the work of the Ministry of Health and other agencies, including: ethical values, border management, personal protective measures, infection control, employers’ responsibilities, community-based assessment centres (CBACs), antiviral use, care of the deceased, communications and health education resources.

New in Version 16

Since the last public release of this document, Version 14 in November 2005, a Version 15 was produced that went to all health sector agencies and government departments for consultation. Version 16 reflects the ongoing work being undertaken across the health sector and government in general, and also incorporates the feedback on Version 15. The plan itself – the phase-by-phase action plan – remains essentially the same, with some minor revisions to bring the plan into line with the latest thinking. The explanatory material and supplementary appendices have been substantially added to in order to give planners and the public access to the more detailed information that has become available.

Administrative note

This version of the Plan was approved by Cabinet on 11 September 2006. It will stand for a period of at least one year and will form the basis of New Zealand´s pandemic response, whether actual or exercised, during that time.

If you have an earlier consultation draft of Version 15, please now discard that version.

This Plan is designed to be printed double-sided.
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