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Call for Help: Local CDC researchers call for assistance in genetic analysis training
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Dear global professionals,

On the behalf of local CDC researchers, FIC calls for help for assistance in genetic analysis training.

With the rapid development of human and avian flu situation, researchers at the labs felt an urgent need for improving their gene data analysis capability. With better understanding of the gene information of the currently circulated flu strains, local CDC researchers will be able to evaluate the epidemic situation at molecular level.

Fight against flu requires global cooperation. Your assistance with following fields will certainly help us in preventing pandemic:

1) Phylogenetics software and manuals, together with tutorial or PPTs will be appreciated

2) Tutorial on using online sequence database.

3) Tutorial on using flu strains sequence analysis

4) Tutorial on submiting the sequence to the genebank and other online databases

5) Tutorial on flu virus protein analysis

6) Tutorial on pandemic plan design

7) other technics you think local CDC researchers should acquire during the routine research

You can submit your resources via FIC online submission service, experts forums or forward the files as attachments to webmaster@flu.org.cn

Your benefits: Contribute your own efforts to the fight against flu; Upgrade to Medium membership of FIC: Above all, you are helping other researchers in a combat against potential pandemic, priceless! 


Best Regards


F.I.C team


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