HongKong: adopt new alert system for flu pandemic


The Hong Kong Hospital Authority announced Thursday that a new alert system for influenza pandemic will be implemented from July 1 to replace the existing one.

    The new system comprising the "Alert Response Level", "Serious Response Level", and "Emergency Response Level" is to replace the three color-coded (Green/Yellow/Red) Alert System, which has been used for two years by the Authority.

    Following in-depth discussions and collation of views from different clinical disciplines, the Authority decided to align with the Government´s existing three-tier alert mechanism for influenza pandemic. Corresponding contingency measures will be implemented according to the level of response and different scenario.

    "The new mechanism will ensure the contingency plan will be implemented with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

    "It will also provide the Authority with greater flexibility in implementing appropriate contingent measures to cope with the different levels of risk assessment," Chairman of the Authority´s Central Committee on Infectious Disease Liu Shao-haei said.

    Upon implementation of the new alert mechanism, the Authority will activate the Alert Response Level currently activated by the Government. Public hospitals will remain highly vigilant in upholding stringent infection control measures in high risk clinical areas, added Liu.