China: Suspected case of Influenza A (H5) ruled out in HongKong

Hong Kong North District Hospital (NDH) announced on Monday that a male patient was confirmed negative to Influenza A (H5).

The patient is now being treated under isolation and is instable condition, according to a government press release.

The hospital said the 31-year-old male patient who claimed he developed fever after contact with poultry in Hunan Province a few days ago and was admitted to NDH on Sunday.

In a separate development, the Hong Kong government had decided to stop poultry import from the Chinese mainland on June 15 after a suspected human case of avian flu in Shenzhen was confirmed.

Meanwhile, the Hospital Authority in Hong Kong has started a three-week enhanced surveillance program, following notification from the Guangdong Health Department of the human case of avian flu in Shenzhen.